Measurements are our specialty

We offer measurements of the following devices:
  • measurements of steam and water boilers (with their auxiliary devices)
  • measurements of coal mills (all types) – measurement of grinding, distribution and flow of dust-air mixture for mill assemblies
  • ventilators measurements and other devices
  • measurements of other devices
mentioned above we carry out measurements and tests to achieve specific goals, in particular:
  • measurements to determine currently achieved parameters,
  • analyzes indicating the possibility of increasing efficiency,
  • measurements of devices to determine possible reserves that can be used,
  • measurements and analyzes showing the achieved effects.
1. Research, operational and implementation measurements, expertise of all types of industrial, heating and power boilers in the field of:
  • balance (mass and heat) measurements of boilers or separate auxiliary equipment,
  • measurements of hearths (all type),
  • measurements of boilers and devices before and after modernization,
  • determines the characteristic work of all auxiliary devices,
  • measurements to assess the correctness of device selection,
  • specialized measurements.
2. Measurements of boiler auxiliary devices (mills, feeders, distributors, separators, dust collectors, pipeline networks, etc.) with particular emphasis on coal mills:
  • determination of dust quality in various mill operating conditions (efficiency, ventilation), conclusions preparation to achieve appropriate dust quality,
  • measurements of mill dynamics to achieve the parameters required in the ARCM regulation,
  • assessment of the effects of changes and modernization of mills and mills ventilators,
  • measurements of dust and carrier medium distribution to individual dust pipes with indication of measures improving distribution uniformity.
3. Measurements related to the selection or location of specialized measuring equipment, e.g.:
  • mesh measurements of exhaust gas composition in large-diameter ducts to determine the installation location of exhaust gas analyzers,
  • mesh measurements of temperature distribution in cross-section or in the medium flow path,
  • measurements of velocity distribution in the measuring cross-section, e.g. before the installation of flow meters determining the flow based on the velocity measurement in one cross-section location.
4. Other measurements according to individual arrangements.
5. Measurements of gaseous emissions from boilers and other emitters.